A Proem


I stood halfway
     between awe and love;
a yearning for Paradise
     invited me to explore it,
but awe at its majesty
     restrained me from my search.
With wisdom, however,
     I reconciled the two;
I revered what lay hidden,
     and meditated on what was revealed.
The aim of my search was to find profit,
     the aim of my silence was to find succor.

              —St. Ephrem the Syrian, Hymns on Paradise, I

Welcome to nunc stans.  This blog is dedicated to the art of meditation, but equally to topics intellectual and cultural, and to posting occasionally of whatever literature which I find fruitful for meditation. The name of my blog is a scholastic term which literally means “the still now,” and the school-men used it to refer to suspension of time in which eternity is present in time.  Much of what I will be meditating upon will be religious in nature, but certainly not exclusively, and I welcome comments from people of all relgious and non-religious persuasions.  I will also be reflecting a great deal on the notion of eternity, both in a religious and philosophical sense of the term. 

The picture at the top of this post is a 19th c. rendering of the ecstasy at Ostia, described so movingly in St. Augustine’s Confessions, depicting both he and his mother St. Monica.  As St.Augustine is in large measure the inspiration for this blog, the picture serves as reminder of the heights of contemplation to which I and many others aspire, but of course glimpse seldom, if ever.

Blogging will be slightly irregular, given my schedule (see “About Me” for further detail) but I hope to have my first meditation up soon. 


~ by Alypius on August 24, 2007.

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