The One Harmony That Is To Come

The One Harmony That is to Come


                When it comes, it will not spill out

                Like blood sped from battered wounds;

                It will not straighten and cut,

                Like our winding towers self-lacerate

                To create our small, compact unities.

                 It will not destroy for its stable bounds

                And exclude the body to save the soul;

                 The dark separation of heart and mind

                                             It will discard with every sealéd idol.


                 To those who live, it will transform

                 The finite groan of gangrenous nature,

                 Take it up into multi-tongued song.

                 It shall bind the wounds, and heal the blood,

                 And the infinite life-filled spirit send

                 Its gifts abroad, with each soul remaining, oned:

                 Polyphony unchained without reserve,

                 Light without loss or cavil, when it comes,

                 All disunion and distress devoured

                                             Crossed by three-personed harmony.




Alypius Minor

July 23, 2013

July 29, 2013

~ by Alypius on August 4, 2013.

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