Kansas Nights

Sorry for the light posting. The semester is just beginning, and I am not keeping up with my vow to post more often, but there is a book review on the way, and more to come soon. Until then, there is this, which I wrote several years ago.


Kansas Nights

Ad astra per aspera

Kansas nights still blazing,
And one still glistens here
Long after the sun sets
Below the hemisphere,
Where earth is cooked and worked.

There is toil and its play
Uprooted in the wind,
Blown close from the river
To where the Plains descend,
Sweeping through settled lives.

All thoughts dense and quiet,
The sky envelops them;
The highway’s lesser lights
Its dark face beckons home,
Freckled with musing stars.

There amidst the horses
And wheat fields forever,
And somehow co-ed dorms,
It sleeps with a fever,
The city on a hill,

Burning up with time’s sweat
Before bleak mid-July:
I’m not part of this scene,
This center far away,
Where each dead-end street leads

To Kansans in the night,
Longing for dreams much more
Than native mysteries.
To me their sleep is fair,
And their days cool respite.


July 2, 2006
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

~ by Alypius on August 25, 2013.

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