“God Comes to Human Beings as Human”

“The more deeply we understand the mystery of Christ’s incarnation, the more clearly we see that God comes to us human beings as human, through our own humanity, even through the very matter of which we are composed. That is why the grace of Christ comes to us through the matter of sacraments. But the Son of God did not become a human being; rather, the Son of God took on a human nature. Yet human nature is not merely the nature of human individuals as individuals; human nature is fully manifested only in society, because man is a social animal. Thus in entering our human society as human, Christ not only became a human individual, He became the Head and Life of a truly human society. For this reason, in His incarnation He took on not only a physical body, but also a Mystical Body, i.e., a truly human society which is the Church. This truly human society is not something essentially invisible or spiritual; it is the family of the New Covenant, the Kingdom of God on earth here and now in its present stage. Christ is not only the second Adam, He is also the Second Moses, who leads the New Covenant people through the desert of this age into the promised land. But the Second Moses is not just leading His people; He is one with them. They are incorporated into His Body and share in His divine Life, which He feeds them through the sacraments. Because this is a human society, it is a visible body with a unified visible hierarchy and a visible head.”

Bryan Cross, “Ecclesial Deism”

HT:  Called to Communion 

~ by Alypius on July 10, 2009.

2 Responses to ““God Comes to Human Beings as Human””

  1. christ’s death goes beyond salvation and sacrifice, the spirit of the triune god now LIVES in each believer, similarly as god did under the old covenant, above the ark,in the holy of holies, as identified by the torn curtain at the crucifiction. and now, under the new covenant we no longer have a relationship to god thru regulation as in deut 28, but directly to him within us.

    as paul said under the new covenant, we are no longer under the law, but live under grace (spirit)(one is led by what they are under) and are led by and serve of the spirit of the triune god.

    christ yokes himself to believer’s hearts.

    if believers want to see god, they have only to look at fellow believer’s. god lives in his people.

  2. the law is to make us conscious of not loving our neighbor as ourselves……….the 2nd commandment………..the summantion of all new covenant law.

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